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Photography Rates

We work on a standard hourly rate, and depending on the work required will depend on the overall cost for my photography services.

My hourly rate is £60.00 and as a general rule it takes as long to process the images as it does to take them.

Therefore an hour on location + processing would total 2 hours work at £120.00
1.5 hours on location + Processing = 3 hours work at £180.00
2 hours on location + Processing = 4 hours work at £240.00
and so on…

This is a general rule and only used as a guide for overall costs. Occasionally processing takes less time than the shoot and sometimes longer, depending on requirements. For a more accurate quote, please contact me to discuss your the brief in more detail.

PLEASE NOTE: All photoshoots require the processing time. We do not send any RAW unprocessed files to the client, only the final processed JPEGS.

Additional costs include:
Travel time from HG1 – £30.00 per hour
Travel costs from HG1 – 0.45 pence per mile

Final images are sent as High Res Jpegs at 300dpi at around 7000 – 8000px along the longest edge.
Our clients own full copyright of the images selected and processed and are welcome to alter and use the images as per requirements.
I ask that I may use images as examples on my own website and Social Media to promote my services.
Images are sent to the client via WeTransfer.
PLEASE NOTE: We send the client the final processed jpeg files only. We do not send the RAW files, and these are deleted from our system after the processing stage.