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Photography Rates

We work on a standard hourly rate, and depending on the work required will depend on the overall cost for my photography services.

My hourly rate is £50.00 and as a general rule it takes as long to process the images as it does to take them.
Therefore an hour on location + processing would total 2 hours work at £100.00

1.5 hours on location + Processing = 3 hours work at £150.00
2 hours on location + Processing = 4 hours work at £200.00
and so on…

For a more accurate quote, please contact me to let me know your requirements.

Additional costs include:
Travel time from HG1 – £20.00 per hour
Travel costs from HG1 – 0.45 pence per mile

Final images are sent as High Res Jpegs at 300dpi at around 5600px on the longest edge.
Our clients own full copyright of the images taken and are welcome to alter and use the images as per requirements.
I ask that I may use images as examples on my own website and Social Media to promote my services.

Images are sent to the client via WeTransfer.